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In economics, there is a concept of "Supply" - "Demand", if we apply specifically in this case, service drive repair Manufacturers are the "Supply" source and the inverter users that need repair are called "Demand" sources. Are you in need of supplies from Ocean Corp? If you are having problems with this product line, find out in detail the extremely useful information below.

Error codes and how to repair the inverter brands

Repair of Mitsubishi inverter

Common error codes for Mitsubishi inverter

EDrive history report is faulty
HOLDThe operation panel is locked
LOCKPassword is locked
Er 1 - 4Error of machine parameter recording
rE 1 - 4Operation error when copying
ErrReport inverter defective
OLOvercurrent or stall protection
oLOvervoltage protection or stall protection
RBEarly warning reduces regeneration
THEarly warning the thermal relay function is overloaded
MTOutput of signal under maintenance
CPCopy device parameters
SLSpeed ​​limit signaling (Output during speed limit)
FNDefective cooling fan alarm
E.OC1Interrupt over current while speeding up device
E.OC2Overcurrent interrupt while the speed does not change
E.OC3Interrupt over current during acceleration or stop
E.OV1Regenerative overvoltage interrupt during acceleration
E.OV2Regenerative overvoltage interrupt during constant speed

How to fix Mitsubishi inverter errors

Error panelHold
Error nameOperator panel lock
Error descriptionOperation lock mode has been set. STOP / RESET operation mode is disabled when used.
Remedy for errorsHold down the MODE button for 2 seconds to re-unlock the Panel
Error panelLOCD
Error nameThe password has been locked
Error descriptionPassword lock function is active. Display and setting parameters are restricted.
Remedy for errorsEnter the password into Pr. 297 Password lock / unlock, to unlock the password function before operating the device
Error panelEr1
First nameError of data logging disabled
Describe> You have tried to make parameter setting when Pr. 77. Parameter write selection has been set to disable parameter writing.
> The alarm frequency jump setting range is duplicated.
> 5-point adjustable V / F setting is overlapped
> PU and inverter cannot perform transmission as usual
Remedy for errors> Check the setting of Pr. 77 Select to write parameters.
> Check the settings of Pr. 31 -> 36 (core frequency hopping).
> Check the settings of Pr. 100 -> Pr. 109 (5-point V / F adjustable).
· Check the connection of PU - the inverter.
Error panelEr2
Error nameRecording error during operation
Error descriptionWhen parameter writing is performed during device operation with a value other than “2” set in Pr. 77 and STF
Remedy for errors> Reset price "2" in Pr. 77.
> After stopping operation, perform parameter setting.
Error panelEr3
Error nameError related to calibration
Error descriptionDeviation and gain correction values ​​at analog input point are too close.
Remedy for errorsCheck the settings of C3 - C4 - C6 and C7 (calibration function).

Repair ABB inverter

ABB inverter error code table

A0001Overcurrent error report
A0002DC bus overvoltage error
A0003Inverter overheat error
A0004Short circuit error
A0005Error setting wrong parameters
A0007, A0008Report loss of analog input signal
A0009Engine overheat error
A0010Error message screen signal loss
A0011Error that the run command could not be activated
A0017ABB inverter Thermal resistor error
A0022Input source error
A0023Encoder error
A0024Speeding error
A0034Engine error

How to fix inverter faults ABB

Error A001: Overcurrent - Overcurrent error at the drive output.

There are 4 common causes of this error:

  • Output is short-circuited.
  • The motor has a circuit
  • The inverter has a damaged circuit from the inside
  • Output of excess current.

Recovery plan

  • Check the engine load for any problems.
  • Check the motor cable you are using ..
  • Check your device's boot time.
  • Check for ambient conditions.
Error A002: DC Overvolt - Overvoltage indicator

The cause of the error:

>> This error can be caused by an inertial load, as some controller functions require a discharge resistor attached or the selected discharge resistor's value does not match the value of the power.

How to fix the error

  • Check the control system again
  • Check resistance level
  • Inverter parameter reset
Error A003: DEV Overtemp - IGBT overheating error

Reason: The IGBT's temperature control exceeds the interrupt limit of 135 degrees Celsius.

Recovery plan Check the environmental conditions - cooling fan performance - motor voltage.

Error A004 Short Circ - Short circuit the inverter.

Reason: Due to the inverter or motor short.

How to fix: Check the motor, cable and inverter for short, fire position or not.

Error A005: Error due to wrong settings of the device.

How to fix: Need to adjust the parameters or Reset to the default style.

>> You can read more article information: How Repair of the ABB inverter ours.

Fuji inverter repair service

Fuji inverter error codes

1OC1, OC2, OC3Instant overflow
2OV1, OV2, OV3Overvoltage
3LVLow pressure
4LnPhase loss at the input
5OPLLoss of phase at output
6OH1, OH4Overheating error
7dbHOverheat braking resistor
8OL1, OL2, OLUError overload
9Er1Internal memory error
10Er2Communication error transmitting information from keyboard
11Er3CPU error
12Er4Communication card error
13Er6Operational protection
14Er8, ErPRS-485 communication error
15ErFError loading data
16ErHHardware failure
17ErrFake warning
18CoFBreak the feedback cord

How to repair Fuji inverter

1Error OL1 is a motor overload errorCheck that the Fuji inverter motor and setting function are correct
2Error OLU overload error on Fuji inverterThis error is usually caused by the ambient temperature or the load is too heavy, so check and fix these 2 problems
3 Inverter reports overcurrent error at acceleration oC1Reinstall the appropriate acceleration time
4Inverter reports overcurrent error at deceleration oC2Reset the deceleration time properly
5The inverter reported an overcurrent error while running oC3Sudden load change - recheck load, reset drive
6The inverter does not error but cannot runCheck the contactor control wire or the communication part
7The inverter runs but has no output voltage:Adjust the power or check the circuit board
8The inverter is flutteringCheck the controller wire or circuit board again
9The inverter drives the motor very hot when runningCheck the output phase of the inverter again
10Drive runs CB source jumpDue to the inverter's short circuit
11Energize the inverter CB to jumpThe inverter has an input short circuit
12The inverter runs fast and slow, sometimes the frequency increases and sometimes the frequency decreases abnormallyCheck the frequency adjustment again
13The inverter controls the motor running jerkyLoss of pressure or unbalanced 3-phase pressure.
14Inverter can only run at low frequency, running at high frequency error OCThe inverter is too old to be replaced
15Inverter is running ground faultDamaged circuit board
16Drive when running short circuit errorPower or circuit board defective
17 Drive runs with low voltage error loadCheck the contactor again, the CB supplies the power
18Inverter overheatCheck the cooling fan again
19Overvoltage inverterCheck the source pressure again
20Output errorCheck the wiring from the inverter to the motor again
21Inverter overload errorDamaged circuit board
22The inverter reported a loss of input phaseTest 3-phase input source

Repair Delta inverter

Error codes of the Delta inverter

1oCOver current
2oVOvervoltage on DC bus
4LvLow pressure error
5oL, oL1, oL2Error overload
6ocAOver current when accelerating
7OCDOver current when decelerating
8OCNOver current when running
9EFThe EF port is enabled
10cF1Internal IC is not programmed
11cF2, cF3, HPFHardware error
12codeESoftware error
13cFAError acceleration / deceleration
14GFError hitting the ground
15CE1Communication error

How to fix the error of the Delta inverter

1Oca (Oc at accel) - Overcurrent error when acceleratingCheck insulation on the output line, Increase acceleration time
2ocd (Oc at decel) - Overcurrent during decelerationCheck insulation on the output line, Increase deceleration time
3 ocn (Oc at normal SPD): Overcurrent error in stable operationCheck insulation on the output line, check motor load
4ocS (Oc as stop) - Hardware failure of current detector circuit.Contact a delta inverter repair center.
5GFF (Grround fault) - Ground fault Check if the wiring between the inverter and motor is short-circuited or grounded, Check if the source IGBT is damaged.
6occ (Short Circuit) - Short circuit error between the upper and lower bridges of the IGBTContact a delta inverter repair center.
7ovA (Ov at accel) - DC-BUS overvoltage fault during accelerationCheck if the input voltage is within the inverter rated limit, Check the peak voltage
8ovd (ov at decel) - DC-BUS overvoltage error during decelerationCheck if the input voltage is within the inverter's rated limit, check the peak voltage
9ovn (ov at normal SPD) - DC-BUS overvoltage hole at fixed speedCheck if the input voltage is within the inverter rated limit, Check the peak voltage
10ovS (Ov at stop) - Malfunction of the voltage detector circuitCheck if the input voltage is within the rated limit if it has a peak pulse.
11LvA (Lv at accel) - The DC-BUS voltage error is less than the set value at parameter P06-00 during acceleration.Check input voltage, Check for sudden change of load.
12Lvd (Lvat decel) - DC-BUS voltage error is less than set value at parameter P06-00 during deceleration.Check input voltage, Check for sudden change of load.
13Lvn (Lv at normal SPD) - The DC-BUS voltage error is less than the set value at parameter P06-00 at fixed speed.Check input voltage, Check for sudden change of load.

Repair of Hitachi inverter

Hitachi inverter fault codes

1E01Overcurrent when the speed is constant
2E02Over current when decelerating
3E03 Over current when accelerating
4E04Overcurrent under other conditions
5E05Report overload error
6E06 Overload braking resistor
7E07Defective overvoltage - EEPROM fault
8E08 Defective low voltage
9E10CT detects the line
10E11The CPU encountered an error
11E13USP error
12E14Report ground fault
13E15Input overvoltage
14E16Temporary loss of capacity
15E20Overheating because the fan spins slowly
16E21Overheating error
17E23Port array communication error 
18E24Input phase loss error
19E25Error on main circuit board
20E30IGBT error
21E35Thermal resistor error
22E36Error wins
23E37Error of emergency stop
24E38Low speed overload error
25E41ModBus communication error

How to repair Hitachi inverter

1Overcurrent when the speed is constantCheck insulation on the output line, check motor load
2Over current when deceleratingCheck insulation on the output line, Increase deceleration time
3Over current when acceleratingCheck insulation on the output line, Increase acceleration time
4Overcurrent under other conditionsContact a delta inverter repair center.
5Report overload errorCheck motor load
6Overload braking resistorCheck for sudden change of load.
7Defective overvoltage - EEPROM fault Check if the input voltage is within the rated limit of the inverter,
8Defective low voltageCheck if the input voltage is within the rated limit of the inverter,
12Report ground faultCheck if the wiring between the inverter and motor is short-circuited or grounded.
13Input overvoltageCheck the source pressure again
14Temporary loss of capacityAdjust the power or check the circuit board
15Overheating because the fan spins slowlyCheck the cooling fan again
16Overheating errorCheck the cooling fan again
17Port array communication error Check the contactor control wire or the communication part
18Input phase loss errorTest 3-phase input source
19Error on main circuit boardcheck the circuit board
20IGBT errorCheck if the source IGBT is damaged.

Repair Keb inverter

Error code table and how to fix Keb inverter

Common mistakesHow to fix
Inverter indicates overcurrent error during acceleration oC1: (current> 180 - 200% of rated current)Reset the appropriate acceleration time: The inverter runs when the motor has not completely stopped: wait for the motor to stop then run or set the inverter to run in speed-catching mode (tracking / fly start)
Inverter reports overcurrent error at deceleration oC2Reset the deceleration time properly
Add braking resistor
The inverter reported an overcurrent error while running oC3Load change abruptly: check the load again, reset the inverter
The source voltage is not stable
 The inverter does not error but cannot runCheck the drive command with one of the following methods:
► Install wrong then reinstall
► If running Terminal, check the control wire or switch (relay or PLC output).
► If communication is running, check the communication
Drive runs but no output voltageDamaged inverter capacity and circuit board → Contact for repair
The inverter is flutteringCheck the control wire again
Damaged circuit board → contact repair
The inverter drives the motor very hot when runningHigh motor output current check inverter setting
Output phase loss is caused by light load and inverter's poor protection, so there is no error → long run of motor fire and inverter explosion
Drive runs CB source jumpThe inverter is short-circuited → contact repair
The inverter has input short circuit → repair contact
→ Absolutely not close the CB many times, causing explosion or damage
 The inverter runs fast and slow, while the frequency goes up and downCheck the frequency adjustment again
Damaged controller board → contact repair
The inverter controls the motor running jerkyOutput voltage loss or unbalanced 3-phase output → contact repair
Inverter can only run at low frequency, running at high frequency error OCThe inverter is aging or the circuit board is damaged → contact for repair
Inverter is running ground faultDamaged inverter board → contact for repair
Drive when running short circuit errorDamaged power or inverter board → contact it for repair
Drive runs with low voltage error loadCheck contactor, CB power supply (contact is not good)
Damaged circuit board → contact repair
Inverter overheatCheck the cooling fan → replace the fan if the fan fails
Damaged circuit board → contact repair
 Overvoltage inverterCheck the source pressure again
Damaged circuit board → contact repair
 Output errorCheck the wiring from the inverter to the motor again
Check the motor, the inverter diode and the motor torque
Drive lost 1 phase output → contact repair
Inverter overload errorDamaged circuit board → contact repair
 The inverter reported a loss of input phaseCheck the 3-phase input source (check the CB and the Contactor power supply) if all is good, the inverter fails the board → we have 2 solutions.
► Remove input phase loss protection and run normally
► Contact for repair

Repair of the Vacon inverter

Error table and Vacon inverter corrections

Error code Error name Reason
Error number 1Overcurrent errorExcessive current on the motor can be caused by:
- Increase the load too heavy suddenly
- Short circuit at the cable connecting to the motor
- The motor capacity is not suitable for the inverter ...
Error number 2Overvoltage errorThe inverter's DC-link voltage exceeds the limit due to:
- Acceleration time is too short
- The input voltage supplied to the inverter is increased
Error number 3Error hitting the groundError in the cable to the motor, the motor shell is hit.
Error number 8System errorDamaged controller board
Error number 9Low voltage errorThe input voltage supplied to the inverter drops or the inverter has a short, causing DC-link to drop.
Error number 11Error output phasesPower and circuit board are damaged
Error number 14Overheating errorThe cooler fan is damaged or the circuit board is damaged
Error number 17Error under loadDue to the supply voltage, the circuit board may be damaged

Inverter repair service Schneider

Error code table and how to repair the ATV300 inverter

F010Over currentCheck engine, motor chokes, connection wire settings.
F018 - F019Motor short circuit - Short circuit to groundCheck engine connections, mortor chokes
F020Short circuit IGBTContact Schneider Vietnam
F025Too fastCheck motor, feedback device and use more Braking Resistor.
F033Error of AI input signal lossCheck the AI ​​output bridge parameters, control connection system.
F014Loss of 1 phase outputCheck the connection to the motor
F015Loss of 3 phase output> Check the connection to the motor


> Output current is less than 6% of rated current

F017Loss of input phase> Check the power supply and the fuse again
> Turn off phase loss error of input 606 = no
F022Communication error> Check the connection system and settings.
F030Low pressureCheck power quality and parameter settings 607
F027IGBT Overheating> Check the motor capacity, reduce the pulse frequency 315
and wait for the IGBT to cool down
F012Handling overloadReset the device

Error code table and repair method for Siemens inverter

F001: Overcurrent error


• Unsuitable power level

• The motor wire is too long, the mechanical circuit is shortened or the ground is caused.


• Check engine capacity compatibility.

• Check if the length of the cable is within the limit, make sure the motor protein is not short circuited.

• The value of the Stator impedance should be matched.

• The engine is not stuck or experiencing an overload

F002: Overvoltage error


• The DC link voltage exceeds the device's interrupt threshold.

• Overvoltage phenomenon caused by overvoltage of power supply is also possible that the motor is in recovery

Troubleshooting test:

• The power supply must be within allowable limits

• The deceleration time is greater than the inertia level

• Braking energy is within a limit

F003: Low pressure error


• It is possible that the main power supply is faulty

• Error due to impact of load beyond setting limit

How to fix and test

• Supply voltage should be five within the permissible limits.

• Power supply needs to ensure continuity.

>> There are many other errors in the article introducing the fault codes of Schneider Inverter, you can click on the icon at the top to see more.

Code sheet each and how to repair the Lenze inverter

Error codes of the Lenze inverter

Error code messageError code name
F0001Overcurrent - Overcurrent error
F0002Overvoltage - Overvoltage indicator
F0003Undervoltage - Short voltage error
F0004Inverter Overtemperature - Report overheating error
F0005Inverter overloaded - Report overload error
F0011Motor Overtemperature - Error of motor overheating
F0012Inverter temp.signal lost - Error temporary signal loss
F0015Motor temperature signal lost - Error of motor overheating loses signal due to overheating)
F0022Powerstack fault - Stacking fault
F0030Fan has failed - Cooling fan error

How to fix the lenze inverter with an error

Error codeError Description - CauseHow to fix
Error OC2Ground fault - The motor phase is grounded Check the cable of the charging current capacitance, it is recommended to use the motor cable short or lower than the capacitance value.
Error OC3Inverter OC3 overload due to acceleration or short circuit.Increase acceleration time, check the engine cable again, select the drive again ...
Error OC4Load OC4 while decelerating, - Deceleration time is too shortCheck the brake resistor or brake hash connection cord.
Error OC5Frequent acceleration overloadCheck the drive again
Error OC6Motor overloaded - Due to thermal overloadYou can check the drive or add acceleration time.
OH errorThe heatsink has a temperature higher than the value stated in the control panel - Due to dirt or misplaced heatsink.Check the ambient temperature again, change the mounting position of the appliance or allow the controller to cool automatically.
OH3 errorEngine overheat error due to frequent and long-time acceleration.Check the drive, PTC connection system ...
OH4 errorThe internal thermometer is too hotCheck cooling fan, reduce load, ...
OU errorThe voltage is too high.Check the power supply, increase the deceleration time, the connection of the brake resistor, check the motor cable ...
OUE errorThe high voltage is too long for more than 5 secondsCheck the power grid voltage source.
PR errorError of passing PR parameter Fauly - Due to Par1 and Par2 failure.PAR1 failed: Transfer or reload the factory settings.
PAR2: Switch to another active module, Reset the module ...

Code sheet each and how to troubleshoot a problem Panasonic inverter

The inverter ran for a while then suddenly stopped

Check the operating status (Run) of the inverter.

TH1: Causes the RUN to turn off.
  • The automatic deviation command signal is interrupted.
  • The inverter indicates a fault with an error displayed and the “TRIP” light will light up

How to fix:

  • Check the control wire and, tighten the control terminel.
TH2: The RUN status is still on.
  • The running speed of the inverter gradually returns to 0
  • Due to the trapped mortor.

The inverter does not display the indicator light

Reason: Due to the inappropriate voltage, damaged rectifier bridge, capacitor charging resistor ...

How to fix

  • Use a meter to check the voltage, if it is not suitable, then power it again.

Mortor operation gets hot when the inverter is attached.


  • Reset the parameters.
  • Due to the wrong position of the motor wire connector.
  • The frequency level is too low in operation.

How to fix:

  • Reset the parameters according to the instructions.
  • Check that the wiring is suitable.

>> This is a preliminary article summarizing Panasonic inverter faults, you can learn more about other faults and how to fix our Panasonic inverter in the introduction above.

Code sheet each and how to repair Ge Fanuc inverter

Error nameReasonHow to fix
Overcurrent errorOver current when deceleratingCheck the insulation on the output line then increase the deceleration time
Overcurrent error when acceleratingCheck the insulation on the output line then increase the acceleration time
Overheating errorThe internal thermometer is too hotCheck cooling fan, reduce power load ...
Error overloadDue to thermal overloadTest drive, try more acceleration time.
Error hitting the groundMotor phase groundedCheck the cable of the charging current capacitance, you should use the motor cable short, lower than the capacitance value.
Overvoltage errorThe voltage is too highCheck the power supply, try increasing the deceleration time, check the connection of the brake resistor, the motor cable ...
Error correction parameter errorIt can be caused by 3 following cases:
- Due to incorrect parameters of synchronous motor control.
- Due to incorrect automatic parameters.
- The drive may not be connected to the motor yet.
Follow these steps:
Check the load and make sure the load is normal.
- Check if the controller parameters are set correctly.
- Increased calibration detection time.
Output errorIt could be caused by an unconnected output.You need:
- Look carefully at the motor wire connector.
- Check the inverter control circuit.
- If necessary, replace the IGBT system.

Table of LS inverter fault codes and some remedies

  • When the software is faulty => Should check and reset the inverter parameters.
  • Frequently operating inverter fails, jerky = >> Contact your nearest repair center.
  • Low voltage fault control panel (LVT) recheck the input power.
  • Inverter has circuit fire, circuit fire, IGBT explosion> Replace IGBT.
  • The inverter has been struck by lightning> Contact service center.
  • The inverter cannot control.> Check the control system and path.
  • The inverter reports OLT error - overload error> Reduces motor load or increases braking time.
  • LCD screen faulty, not showing> Contact repair center for replacement.
  • Output phase shortage error, POT error display >> Check output power supply again.
  • MMIO board error
  • Ground fault - GFT error> Check the wiring.
  • LS inverter has dead capacity, display die, power dead> Replace.
  • Overload error - IOL error >> Reduce motor load.
  • Overcurrent error - OCE, OC2 error
  • Communication error - ERR error> Check wiring.

> You can find out more information through the article: Repair LS inverter and documentation.

Error table and repair method for Emerson inverter

STTError codeReason
1HF04Report due to low voltage
2HF05Report because the DSP does not output signal when starting
3HF06The inverter is suddenly disconnected, it is running, then stops suddenly
4HF07Scan time error
5HF08Drive is not stable
6HF11Unable to access EEPROM, all communication to EEPROM is denied
7HF20There is a problem with the source state
8HF21Power error due to voltage different from expected value
9HF23Software error
10HF24Software error
11HF25DSP communication failure, communication error from main microprocessor to 2nd microprocessor, connection failure between DSP and PCB
12HF26Start-up error or IGBT short-circuit error when having a serious problem on the power board
13HF27Thermal error, over temperature
14HF28Software error occurred in DPS on PCB
15HF29Fan error, radiator fan stopped working
16HF30Error in DCCT cable problem
17HF31Report due to fan module not working
18HF32The heat feedback unit is not working

Inverter Repair Process

Below is the process we use for all partners seeking their modification services. You can refer to the preliminary content before contacting Dai Duong Corp. directly.

Step 1: Receive information about the inverter

  • Current inverter condition.
  • Time drive failure.
  • Describe the specific error the drive is experiencing. (Everything you see)
  • Inverter manufacturer.
  • Time to use the inverter (from the date of installation and use)
  • Address for maintenance and repair.
  • Other requirements.

For software errors, we will guide you to handle them right at this step. From step 2 applies to the error right down to the actual check.

Step 2: Survey and check the inverter specific fault.

Based on the information submitted by the customer, we will preliminarily determine the fault that the inverter is experiencing. From there, prepare the necessary applications and equipment to meet customers.

The technical department will check your entire inverter system to determine the most correct faults. After getting to know the details, we will send you the quotation right at the factory.

For the correct errors as planned we will take action immediately. For the arising errors, we will be based on the situation that can be fixed (available replacement devices) or will be fixed by the next day.

Step 3: Repair the inverter

After we have sufficient manpower and material, we will send our technical department down to repair. (In some cases we may have to bring it to the company's factory for processing)

During the repair period, we will lend your available inverter to customers for use in the meantime.

Step 4: Check, test run

After fixing it, we will carry out a final master check and then test run for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. If nothing else arises, Dai Duong Corp will proceed with the handover.

Step 5: Handing over and paying.

When the inverter has stable operation, our staff will make a handover record, write a warranty for you. Finally, you will pay the full cost according to the quotation that we sent earlier.

During the warranty period, if there is any problem with the inverter, please contact us immediately. Dai Duong Corp will send its maintenance department to handle immediately to avoid affecting your usage process.

Siemens inverter
Siemens inverter

Introduction of inverter repair service - Ocean

Dai Duong Corp with 5 years working as inverter repair service, and 10 years operating in the field of electronic and industrial distribution, we believe that we will make all partners satisfied.

We are always ready to receive and repair inverters from all companies from Japan, Europe and China…. As long as you have an inverter having trouble, Ocean will handle it regardless of company.

Schneider inverter
Schneider inverter

Where is inverter repair service?

Currently we are dividing into 3 main areas to provide our services. As follows:

  • Repair inverter in the south includes: Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An, Tay Ninh, Can Tho, Vinh Long ...
  • Inverter repair services in the central region include: Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Quang Nam ...
  • Repair inverter brands in the North: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong, ...

Any problem that needs support do not hesitate to contact Dai Duong Corp for fast - accurate and timely support.

Contact the nearest inverter care and repair center

We always try to bring to our customers the best product and service quality experience. Therefore, Dai Duong Corp has built for itself a staff of experienced, enthusiastic and always ready to support customers 24/7.



This article besides introducing inverter repair service, Dai Duong Corp would also like to send you the fault codes and how to fix the inverter so that everyone can handle it by themselves when their inverter encounters. problem.

You can choose us or any other business, but choose a reputable service provider with which is closest to you to always be ready to assist when you need it.

> Read more at: Emerson inverter repair method

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